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Mothers Are Special

When God made mothers He made a very special creature indeed. • The unconditional love God gave mothers for their children is probably the closest thing on earth to His incredible love for us. • The gentle tenderness a mother expresses in handling her newborn child is so reminiscent of the tender loving care God promises to the faithful. • The sincere sympathy mothers show for hurt elbows and hurt hearts is not unlike the compassion God has for us.…

Too Rotten for God

One of the beauties of being the devil is that you don’t have to be logically consistent. To some, Satan whispers that they don’t need God, that they are sufficiently wise, capable, and righteous all by themselves. He tells others that they’re too rotten for God. They have done too much, wandered too far, sinned too greatly. Surely, if such a one as they started going to church, the Holy One would turn His nose up in disgust! The word…

Exalting His Resurrection

The central event in the history of mankind is the resurrection of Jesus. Without it, death is the victorious enemy of all mortals. Without it, death comes, and all our dreams, aspirations and future plans come to a screeching halt. It all ends. When Job faced this problem, his heart was full of questions. Job looked at his life and said, “Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes forth like a…

The Brutal Beauty of the Cross

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was so brutally beaten before He was crucified? Was it just to fulfill O.T. prophecies? While His scourging and other persecutions did satisfy the ancient predictions of God’s spokesmen, I’m quite certain Pilate and his torturous underlings didn’t know or care one whit about them. However, last Sunday, while partaking of the memorial commemorating His death, and as I reflected on the pre-crucifixion brutality He endured, something dawned on me… Though I’ve never looked…