For more than 25 years the Beltline Church of Christ has been a part of helping people in our community with physical and financial needs every Wednesday.  This labor of love that we have done in the name of Jesus Christ has touched many hearts and souls and thousands of families in Decatur, Alabama have been impacted for good and for that we are so thankful.

While we remain committed to the call of Jesus to help those in need, we want to announce a change in the method of that help.  We are transitioning away from our current method of making appointments on Wednesday mornings and distributing help on Wednesday afternoons.

Beltline is launching a new initiative called “Next Steps.”  In short, we want to help people take the next step with Jesus.  We believe helping people in need is a huge part in helping people take that next step.  Beltline’s desire is to meet physical and financial needs as a door to the most important needs of all…spiritual needs. 

Here is how the Next Steps initiative works.  Rather than make a phone call to the church on Wednesday morning to get an appointment for later, we want to invite you to come to one of our Sunday Morning Services.  We have Bible Classes for all ages at 9:00 A.M. and a Worship Service in the main auditorium at 10:00 A.M.  At the conclusion of those services an invitation will be made for any who have been a part of the service and desire to take the next step with Jesus to come to the next steps room.  In that room, a team of people will meet you, pray for you, share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ with you, and identify and attempt to meet any needs you may have.

Our desire is then to follow up with you during the following weeks and months to see how you are doing, encourage you to keep worshiping Jesus with us at Beltline, and help you take even more steps with Jesus.

We are very excited to see what God is going to do in our city as we partner with him in this initiative.  We are praying for you and want to encourage you today to take the next step with Jesus!!!

May God bless you!