Benevolence means kindness, compassion, generosity, and goodwill.  The goal of our Benevolence program at Beltline Church of Christ is to show kindness, compassion, generosity, and goodwill to those of our surrounding community who need help.

Those needing assistance will no longer have to line up for service on a first come first serve basis but will be able to make an appointment on Wednesday mornings by calling 256-566-6221 beginning at 8:30 am to arrange an appointment. Those calling will need to give their name, and some type of official identification number, that they can bring with them. (Drivers license number, Utility Bill account number, etc). When you call on Wednesdays the process will be explained to you. No one will be allowed to line up before 4:30 pm. You will need to be at the church between 4:30 – 4:45 pm to confirm your appointment. If you do not speak with a real person you do not have an appointment and there is no need to come for assistance. At this time our phone service will accommodate only those who speak English. If you do not speak English you will have to have someone who does call for you. Translators will still be available that evening at our building for those who have an appointment. We will be closed on the 5th Wednesday of each month.

The Beltline Benevolence department is open most every Wednesday Night from 4:30pm – 6:45pm to interview those in need.  The majority of our clients come from Morgan County. However, we have assisted individuals from Lawrence, Cullman, Limestone, Madison, and other neighboring counties as well. We assist most often with food and clothes. However, we can assist with rent and utilities (most assistance, if provided, is limited to approximately $50 for rent and utilities per request).

We do not assist individuals on a “regular” basis but hopefully until they can provide for themselves. Please note, that if we assist you with any amount of money, there will be a minimum of 6 months before we will consider assisting you with any monetary support; example; if we helped you with rent or utilities in January, we would not consider assisting you with any monetary help until at least JULY (6 full months); also note, that if you show up every 6 months requesting monetary assistance, we will not be able to assist as this would fall under the “regular” category. Food and clothes do not fall into this same category, however, please remember we would not assist on a regular basis (weekly); good guidance is every 6-8 weeks. We also assist periodically with the following:

  • Local Free Clinic with prescription medication purchases
  • Burnout victims (food/clothes/lodging for one or two nights and furniture/appliances)
  • Transient assistance (lodging/food/gas)
  • Furniture and appliances (as we have them available or donated to us)
  • Congregational care (for members of our congregation as needed)
  • Local Area Churches in providing clothes to Haiti and other areas where we are aware of the need

We are in contact with the Decatur Housing Authority, Decatur Utilities (and other local utility departments in the area), Social Workers with Decatur General Hospital, other local churches, and many other local agencies on an almost weekly basis.  These agencies (and many individuals in the community) refer those in need to us based on our reputation in the community as being a Caring group of Christians.  All requests are handled on a case by case basis with personal attention and love.

In addition to being opened on Wednesday nights to assist those in need, we also have different projects that we coordinate throughout the year such as:

  • School Supply Drive
  • Coats Because We Care
  • Christmas Toy Give-Away
All the activity described above is only possible thru the generosity of our congregation and individuals in the community.  Currently, we are divided into four “night crews” (we are closed if there is a fifth Wednesday in the month) and two “day crews”.  The two-day crews work every other Wednesday during the day to sort/wash/arrange for the night crews, and the Four Night Crews interview and provide assistance with clothes and food and funding.  If you are interested in working in this ministry or if you have any questions, please contact Allen Orman.

School Supply Drive

In June/July of each year, we begin our annual School Supply Drive.  We coordinate with Decatur City Middle/High Schools for a “basic” list of supplies needed for the upcoming school year.  We ask that these items be donated by members of the Church and then before school starts, our members package these supplies and we deliver them to the schools.

Coats Because We Care

Each year Beltline Church of Christ and Decatur City Fire Stations collect new and good used coats for distribution to those in need of winter coats.  Each Fire Station and the Church act as collection points, and we collect coats and have our Annual Coat Give-Away on the first Saturday in December in conjunction with our Toy Give-Away.  Church members provide encouraging notes which are put in the coat pockets encouraging these individuals and letting them know they are loved and thought of.

Christmas Toy Give-Away

Throughout the year we collect good used and new toys.  The first Saturday (typically) in December we have our annual Christmas Toy Give-Away for children 12 years old and younger.  The congregation is always supportive of this activity and we help over 100 Families provide Christmas for their children.  Many church members come and assist in this project on the Day of the give-away.  Parents bring proof of the child’s age and we provide Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for as many children as our supply allows (for children birth thru 12 years old).