Mission Work

Mission Work

Missions Overview

Beltline Church of Christ is an extremely mission-minded church.  The importance of missions is manifested in its annual mission budget, which has historically been one-third (1/3) of the total annual budget of the congregation.
Beltline supports Christian education, both at home and in foreign lands, by making contributions to the Heritage Christian University General Fund, the Heritage Christian University, Harding University, Faulkner University, and Freed-Hardeman University Bible Departments, and World Bible School in Cuba.   Beltline also supports missionaries in Mexico, Swaziland, Russia, China, Peru, Cuba, Greece, and Eastern Europe.  Through contributions to Eastern European Missions, Bibles are distributed throughout Russia and Eastern Europe, and through our missionaries in Mexico, Bibles are distributed which are translated into both Spanish and Mayan.
Beltline assists in the funding of Kyle Butt’s work with Apologetics Press.  Beltline has planted a congregation known as the East Side Church of Christ, ministering to those living in the East Acres public housing complex, in Decatur, Alabama.  Orphans in disaster-ridden Haiti and in Guyana (HOPE Orphanage) are supported and encouraged, and Beltline’s annual fundraiser, Hoofin’ It For Haiti, has been a great success in raising funds to help the orphans in Haiti.  Schools are being supported in Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Guyana, and the Philippines.  Every year Beltline sponsors the Annual Ladies’ Conference in Havana, Cuba, where Christian ladies from Cuba and the surrounding Caribbean come together to hear lectures and to encourage one another, and, while the ladies attend the conference, men from Beltline teach Cuban men’s classes on topical issues.  The Jail and Prison Ministry of Charles Baggett is supported by a sizable annual contribution to Freedom Through Truth, Inc., and faith-based addiction recovery is supported through the financial support of Project Rescue, Inc.
Our youth are encouraged to be involved in an annual Youth Mission Trip ministering to inner-city areas in big cities throughout the country.  In an effort to assist our members and friends of our members who are interested in sharing God’s word with others by participating in mission trips, a portion of our budget is dedicated to one-time mission trip assistance.
For 2012 through 2016, $499,000, $427,300, $422,500, $415,400, and $333,850, respectively, were budgeted for missions.
In 2012, Beltline began supporting Dino Roussos in his efforts to spread the Gospel in Greece and Eastern Europe, and also began supporting Bobbie Solley in her efforts to teach teachers how to teach God’s Word in Haiti, Mexico, and Africa, with the plan to take this ministry world-wide.  In 2016, Beltline began supporting a missionary in Cuba, who will be working through World Bible School in spreading the gospel throughout this area of the tropics.
The Missions Committee is composed of Calvin McBride, Chairman, Patrick Swinea, Vice-Chairman, Ray Solley, Richard Talley, Bob Walker, Steve Chandler, David Smith, Cecil Green, Mac Buchanan, Ronnie Solley, and Tim Thomas.

Domestic Missions

  • Decatur, Alabama—Eastside Church of Christ; Iglesia de Cristo (Hispanic Ministry); Project Rescue, Inc.
  • Florence, Alabama—Heritage Christian University
  • Limestone and Morgan County, Alabama—Freedom Through Truth, Inc. (Jail and Prison Ministry)
  • Montgomery, Alabama—Faulkner University
  • Searcy, Arkansas—Harding University
  • Henderson, Tennessee—Freed Hardeman University
  • Other: World Bible School conduct Bible Studies through mail and email both in the US and abroad; Preacher Training at various Christian Universities; Assistance for Beltline members with the cost of mission trips within the US and abroad; Annual Evangelism Mission Trip and Annual Youth Mission Trip to various locations.

Foreign Missions

  • Cuba—Women’s Conference; Men’s Training; World Bible School
  • Eastern Europe—Eastern European Missions which distributes Bibles
  • Greece and Eastern Europe—Dino Roussos and Glyfada Church of Christ in Greece
  • Guyana— Hope Children’s Home
  • Haiti—Hoofin’ It For Haiti (annual fundraiser); Sonlight Children’s Home; Santo Nutrition Center; Fandapherds Orphanage; Karadhe Orphanage; Lillavois 42 Orphanage
  • Mexico—Christian Service Mission (annual trip by Beltline members); Justo Dorantes, Sr.; distribution of        Spanish and Mayan Bibles
  • Swaziland—Bob Whitaker, MD
  • Peru—Reuben and Pauline Chacon
  • Russia—Eastern European Missions
  • Philippines—Tutorial Center in Marikina City