Other Ministries

Other Ministries

Advertising Ministry

The purpose of Advertising is to prepare and submit advertising to the local newspaper, to inform the community and visitors to Decatur the times of our services and special events.  Encourage and uplift the community through the use of compelling messages on the outdoor marquee.

Building Ministry

The purpose of Building Care and Maintenance is to ensure the facilities are maintained in such a way as to ensure they do not detract from worship, but hopefully assist in it.  It also provides a way for others to serve in a way that might be less public but just as needed to ensure we are good stewards of the blessings the Lord has provided us in these facilities.

The purpose of Building Grounds is to manage the maintenance of the church grounds; Improve existing areas to enhance the appearance of the landscaping on the church property.
The purpose of Building Air/Heat/Mechanical is to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the building’s 23 heating & air conditioning units to ensure a comfortable environment for services, classes, and special events.

Communications Ministry

The purpose of Communications is to communicate the business of the church to the congregation.

Computers Ministry

The purpose of Computers is to provide current information concerning the church to members, provide information about the Church of Christ via the Beltline website, and provide support for all office computers and the church information database.

Evangelism Ministry

The purpose of Personal Evangelism is to teach, motivate, and assist Christians in the work of one-on-one teaching others the gospel.  It is our responsibility as disciples of Christ to share the good news with as many as possible.

The purpose of Visitation is to visit guests and newcomers to our community who join us in our worship assemblies (in this particular ministry, we visit couples and families only- the singles ministry visits the single guests).

Finance and Operations Ministry

The purpose of Finance and Operations is to manage and oversee the use of the funds generated through both regular weekly contributions and special designated or undesignated additional contributions.  To prepare and present an annual budget.

Insurance and Security Ministry

The purpose of Insurance and Security is to ensure that our physical facilities (buildings and property) are adequately protected through proper insurance coverage and security of the building.

Involvement Ministry

The purpose of Involvement is to assist with the implementation of the Beltline Ministry System, to enable all members to identify and use their spiritual gifts; provide new members with a warm and comfortable introduction to the areas of work available at Beltline; Interface with ministry leaders in the performance of their duties; provide an opportunity for growth in the Lord for members new & old, and cultivate fertile ground for guests and prospective members to meet the Lord.

Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes

Since the founding of Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes (L2L) in 1968, their mission has been to develop youth into Christian leaders. From a group of 8 boys in the first year to more than 20,000 today, their mission has remained the same.

L2L is the oldest and largest leadership training program used by the churches of Christ today. It is a tool churches of Christ can use to help prepare their youth and adults for service in the Kingdom of God and help develop their overall leadership potential. L2L is more than just attending a youth rally or participating in a Bible Bowl. We offer a variety of Bible-based class materials and events for preschoolers through adults.

The goal of L2L is to provide churches of Christ with effective, year-round leadership training tools that can be adapted to individual congregational needs.

The purpose of L2L is to help local congregations instill the Word of God into youth and adults so that they will stand firm in the faith. Teaching students to do “Bible things in Bible ways” is the essence of L2L.

Ladies Enrichment Ministry

The purpose of Ladies Enrichment is to provide the ladies of Beltline with multiple opportunities to serve, through the organization of committees set up to conduct all the activities in the most effective way.

Library Ministry

The purpose of the Library is to provide wholesome Christian related books, videos, tapes, and reference works for use by our members.

Marriage and Family Ministry

The purpose of Marriage and Family is to provide Christian love, support, and encouragement to families in order to promote healthy relationships for our married couples as they seek to lead their families in a Christian environment.   Develop support and fellowship within the group.  Reinforce the God-ordained institution of marriage, by offering classes, retreats, and other opportunities for Beltline members to focus on the importance of marriage, and the role of the family in the church and society.  Provide valuable training to newly married or engaged couples designed to give them the experience and enthusiasm to be Christian examples for their families.

Media Ministry

The purpose of Media is to use technology to inform, educate, and inspire the Beltline family to take part in Beltline’s many ministry areas, and to inspire worship, praise, and thanksgiving to our God.

Photography Ministry

The purpose of Photography is to provide a visual history of the exciting and uplifting activities of the Beltline Church of Christ.  This exciting ministry details the fellowship we enjoy and the many lives touched by the actions of the church as we provide support to the community and the world abroad through the visual medium of pictures.  This ministry will support virtually every other ministry by providing pictures of their activities for the advertisement of upcoming events and as a historical record.

Prayer Ministry

The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to encourage spiritual growth and closeness as a body of Christ through the avenue of prayer.  Opportunities will be pursued throughout the year to increase our prayer life in both a planned and structured way, as well as spontaneous occasions that circumstances dictate.

Risk Management/Legal Ministry

The Risk Management/Legal Ministry is a ministry designed to observe the administrative functions of the congregation in order to assist ministry leaders in avoiding legal issues which might lead to claims against the congregation and to advise and counsel the elders in all legal matters relating to the congregation.  Some of the areas of involvement of this Ministry are: supervision of compliance of the church corporation with Alabama Corporate laws, advising the Elders on employment issues, drafting, implementing, and supervision of numerous church policies, such as the Missions Committee Policy Statement and the Youth Protection Policy,  supervision of the chaperone/youth volunteer approval process, periodic review of premises liability issues and related insurance needs, periodic review of tax-exempt regulatory compliance, supervision of risk management relating to ministries supported by our congregation, periodic review of potential exposure to liability relating to such as things as “withdrawal of fellowship” and “spiritual counseling” by the elders and ministers, and setting up and supervision the Permanent Endowment Fund, Endowment Scholarship Funds and planned giving programs.  The Legal Ministry also assists and counsels members who are unable to afford to hire an attorney, by providing simple estate planning and preparing Last Wills and Testaments and Powers of Attorney, if requested.   The Risk Management/ Legal Ministry team is composed of:  Calvin McBride (attorney/Ministry Leader), Charles Elliott (attorney), Zachary Starnes (attorney), Freda Fuller (Screening Consultant), Tom Jones (Insurance Liaison), Carolyn Champion and Jasper Champion (Finger Print Technicians), Mike Neville (Chain of Custody Supervisor), and the Supervising Elder.   Cindy Cook (attorney) and Shelly Waters (Judge) serve as consultants on an as-needed70 basis.

Worship Ministry

The purpose of Worship is to provide for an effective, uplifting worship service for all in attendance at Beltline services.