Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministries

Hispanic Ministry (Iglesia de Cristo)

The Hispanic Ministry at the Beltline Church of Christ started n the summer of 1997.  At the beginning of the year 1997, the elders at Beltline saw the opportunity to carry the gospel to the Spanish speaking people. There were thousands of people from many Latin American countries coming to the Decatur area. In order to carry out the gospel to the Hispanics, the elders brought Justo Dorantes on to the ministerial staff. Justo is a native of Yucatan, Mexico.
Our approach to reaching Hispanics is threefold.
  1. Reach out to Hispanics with the love of Christ through assisting in meeting the needs of the Hispanic community.
  2. Present the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to those that we contact.
  3. Once a person is baptized we begin the process of training that soul to become a missionary to his own people.
Through this threefold process, we have been able to baptize hundreds of people. The great majority of these people have gone to their countries and started new churches all over Latin America and inside the United States.

Monday Night for the Master

Monday Night for the Master is a comprehensive congregational outreach ministry designed for all members.  This evangelistic, edifying, and benevolent program will be aimed at many in the community (non-members) and also those in the congregation (members).

We begin at 6:00pm each Monday evening.  If you can’t make it right at 6:00, that’s okay.  Come when you can, and we’ll find a place for you.  Teams go out to make visits while others work at the building writing notes and making telephone calls to encourage members and non-members alike.

Any man, woman, or youth who has an interest in souls is invited to participate!  Childcare will be provided for kids up through the 3rd grade as needed.

The Outreach Ministry can be contacted at outreach@beltlinechurchofchrist.org.