A Good Day for Praise

A Good Day for Praise

This morning I sat with my cup of coffee, reading over the news articles of the day. Sometimes I wonder why I choose to torture myself first thing out of bed, but it’s my ritual, so I keep on. Today’s feed was filled with a lot of the same aggravating or depressing types of articles I’ve been reading for a long time. Unholy agendas being pushed in society, crooks effectively being given free passes for their crimes, souls lost in the depths of the sea, hysteria and irrational anxieties affecting how people live. Eventually I closed the app because I’d had enough.

When I opened my Bible, I landed at Psalm 9 for today’s reading, and this is what I found.

1) I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.

2) I will be glad and exult in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High. (ESV)

With these divinely inspired words touching my heart, I’ve decided today is a good day for praise!

Thank you, Lord, for the reminder that your goodness shines through all the darkness in this world. No matter what anyone else does, your love never fails.

Thank you, Lord, that the birds and all of nature are singing your praises this morning, even though it seems more of humanity is shying away from it. Their songs fill my heart with the urge to sing to you as well.

Thank you, Lord, for always preserving those who are faithful to you. We never have to feel alone because your church is still alive and will be until you call us home.

Thank you, Lord, for the promises that in your time you will make all things right. Your justice and grace will be handed out according to your infinite wisdom and righteousness. And with Jesus on our side, we all can stand confidently before you.

So how about it?

What is your praise to God today?

What are the good deeds he has done and continue to do in your life?

Regardless of what your day looks like, take five minutes right now to acknowledge his goodness. Be specific!

Because today is a good day for praise

~Via Cory Waddel


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