What Satan Meant for Evil God Turned to Good

What Satan Meant for Evil God Turned to Good


Karina wrote the following words in her social media post a few weeks ago: “In the same place we lost my sweet brother Rafael Ramirez only days ago my dad made the amazing choice to be baptized and join our Beltline Church of Christ Family ❤ we are beyond blessed to have such a big family here supporting and loving us through it all.” Karina wrote this after her father was baptized for the remission of his sins. The amazing part is that Rafeal Ramirez Sr. was baptized in the same swimming pool where his son Rafael Ramirez Jr. died a week earlier.


Rafael Ramirez Sr. has been attending church with his family for years. He was active in every event and attended church very faithfully. Every time that the subject about being baptized came up, Rafael Sr. always said he was not ready or said not yet. After the tragedy happened about the death of his son, Rafael Sr. made the decision to be baptized. Rafael Sr. and his family were still sad for the death of Rafael Jr. but at the same time on that same week of tragedy there was joy in heaven when Rafael Sr. was forgiven for the remission of his sins.


In the book of Genesis chapter fifty, verse twenty, we read what Joseph said to his brothers: “ you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives”. Meaning that what Satan meant for evil God turned to good. Joseph trusted and served God faithfully. And being his father’s favorite son, his brothers envied him and sold him into slavery. This slavery was meant to harm him and destroy him, But God turned the situation around while he was still in Pharaoh’s captivity. His rank was raised, and he helped the brothers who sold him to captivity later.

Our heavenly Father is not only in control, but He is literally the One who has the full power and wisdom to turn something tragic into something positive. One of the great examples is of God turning something bad into something good is what Jesus did on the cross for us. He suffered a horrific torture and ridicule, and even death to pay for all our sins, so that whoever believes in Him and is baptized could have eternal life. Praise God for His infinite wisdom!


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