Preparing for Worship

Preparing for Worship

Each Sunday morning my family prepares for worship. Over the years, we have developed a routine to help prepare our bodies and minds to approach the glory of God. If an organized and deliberate plan is not put into place, these mornings can be chaotic and tend to detour proper preparation for praise. Worship is not something we can turn on and off like an alarm clock. The following are some suggestions to help us all do a better job.

First, preparation begins on Saturday night by getting to bed at a decent hour. One does not want to fight his own fatigue when trying to direct his mind in deep thought.

Second, preparation comes by waking up on time. Set your alarm clock, just like you would to ensure an on-time arrival for work or school. Do not wait until the last possible minute and scramble around the house, yelling at the children and panicking because you are running late.

Third, preparation comes by starting the morning by thinking about spiritual things. Play songs of worship or devotion to direct your minds toward God. Prayer and Bible reading are other ways to help.

Fourth, preparation comes by having our Bibles, Bible class materials, and other needed items ready to go. One does not want to go on a Bible hunt minutes before departure. This usually breeds frustration, family tension, and sometimes causes one to enter worship empty-handed. As you would not leave your schoolbooks or briefcase at home during the week, do not leave your Bible on Sunday and Wednesday.

Fifth, preparation comes when we arrive early for Bible class and worship. This allows one to greet newcomers, visit with other members, put up coats or other articles, find a place to sit, and pick up congregational information (bulletin, class handouts, prayer lists, calendar, or other news). Teachers and others who are serving during the worship need to be extra early.

Sixth, preparation comes by taking a couple of minutes before worship begins and sitting quietly. Use this time to read a portion of Scripture, pray, or meditate on our Lord.

On Monday morning, many will awake early and begin their routines to prepare for school and work. The Lord demands no less; in fact, He demands our very best. Before we come before the God of heaven, may we prepare our hearts, minds, spirits, and bodies by putting some of these suggestions into practice.


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