The Problem is not in the Seed

The Problem is not in the Seed

Last trip I made to Mexico; my father gave me some habanero seeds in a small envelope. He knows I like fresh habaneros, so he usually saves some of the best seeds from the habaneros in the Yucatan. When I got back to Decatur, I placed the envelope in my drawer next to my car keys. Days and weeks passed, and I forgot that I have placed the envelope in my drawer, until I started to plant some tomatoes plants that Cecil Pounders gave me. Then I realized that it was time to plant those habanero seeds, I knew I was running out of time. If I wanted to have any habaneros before the end of the year, I better act quick!

I got my soil ready in my backyard and I planted those seeds. In a matter of a week, small leaves started to come out of the ground. I have now about twenty healthy young habanero plants and I am looking forward to a great harvest in the months ahead. I am glad I acted and did not let those seeds remain any longer in that drawer. The seed had a purpose, and it is now placed where it supposed to be, in the soil where it will bear fruit! I was the problem; I was the one not letting the seed be in contact with the soil.

Today, we live in interesting times. The culture in which we live seems to be changing very fast. There are so many negative changes happening so fast in our society that we are amazed at the things that we see in the news or in movies. As a result, “soils “around us are changing. The way people receive the Word of God is not the same. Many hearts that were once “good soil” now seem to be “thorny soils”. ( Luke 8:11-15). It doesn’t seem like there is as much “good soil” around as there used to be anymore.

What should be our reaction to this situation? Does that mean we should give up on sowing the seed of the gospel (Luke 8:11)? Of course not! Does that mean that we should try to make some adjustments to the seed to make it more attractive to the various soils we find today? Of course not! We must be even more eager to the pure, unadulterated gospel of Christ (Gal. 1:6-9). We must be even more eager to Jesus as the only way to salvation (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). We must be even more committed to lovingly sharing the good news with all soils of our day!


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