The Seed of the Gospel Continues to be Spread Our the World

The Seed of the Gospel Continues to be Spread Our the World


One of our main goals in our Hispanic ministry at Beltline is to baptize people and to establish other congregations wherever there is an opportunity. Twenty-four years ago, we started from zero members at Beltline and as of today we have baptized more than five hundred people. God has blessed us with a strong congregation here at Beltline. The Englishspeaking congregation has given us the means and the tools to develop a strong congregation here in Decatur.


As soon as a person is baptized, we start the process of training that person. We see where that person is spiritually and start the process of maturing that person. That person will become a missionary or a strong member wherever he may end up. Many of our members have been sent to establish congregation in Alabama and surrounding states. Our members have also returned to the countries where they are from and carry the gospel with them. As they carry the gospel with them, they convert their relatives and churches have been established in several countries in Latin America.


When an English-speaking congregation sees that we have a strong Hispanic congregation, and they see that we are evangelizing others they want to do the same. They contact us and ask us to come and speak to their elders and members in order to give them more information. We have given at least twenty-five workshops all around the United States to congregations who have been interested in starting a Hispanic congregation. We have helped many congregations start their Hispanic ministries in many parts of the United States.


A few months ago, we were contacted by the Lavergne Church of Christ in TN. They were interested in learning what we have done at Beltline. They have heard of our success in reaching the Hispanic population in our area. We made the arrangements and the elders from the Lavergne congregation came to Decatur to learn more about our work here among the Hispanic population. Several of our elders and deacons and myself were ready to talk to them and inform them about the things we have been doing to reach the Hispanic population. After the meeting with the elders from Lavergne. We made arrangements and we decided to send one of the strongest families to help them with their Hispanic ministry. We sent the Perez family (a family of five) to help them evangelize and to preach every Sunday in Lavergne. The Perez family travels every Sunday for about two hours each way in order to preach in LaVergne. There are about twenty-five people attending now the Hispanic congregation in Lavergne TN. We miss seeing the Perez family worshipping with us in Decatur, but this is exactly the reason why train them, so they can evangelize other people. This is exactly what we have been doing for the last twenty-four years. We continue sending our members who are mature enough to start other congregations. Thank you, Beltline congregation, for having the vision to reach the lost around the world.


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