The Walking Stick

The Walking Stick

A few weeks ago, a dear old friend asked if I would make him a walking stick. I went to the barn and found a maple stick that I’ve had drying for several years. Taking it to the workshop, I peeled the bark away, sawed off the knots, and sanded it down smooth. Several coats of finish were then added along with a paracord wrap for a handle. I eventook the wood burner and put his initials near the top. I believe it will be a good walking staff and serve him well.

The walking stick is a great tool for the walker and can lend great assistance. The use of a walking stick or staff has been around for a long, long time. Early in the Bible record, Jacob said that he used his staff to assist him in crossing over Jordan (Gen. 32:10). In many ways, the use of a staff can be compared to the Bible, God’s word.

The shepherd’s staff provided protection and comfort to the flock (Ps 23:4), God’s Word gives us comfort as well with His promises of love, forgiveness, and eternal life. The walking stick can prevent the traveler from stumbling and falling. Developing the godly characteristics described in the Bible will also prevent us from spiritual stumbling (2 Peter 1:2-10).

The staff can also be used as a weapon to ward off danger. Having God’s word in our minds and hearts will help us defeat the devil when he tries to destroy our faith (1 Peter 5:8). A good, strong walking stick can serve you for many years. The inspired Scriptures, once learned and applied, can and will take us through our lives and into eternity (2 Tim. 3:15).

~Via Jay Launius


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