To Send or Not to Send, That’s the Question

To Send or Not to Send, That’s the Question


It is always sad when one has to say goodbye to family member. Last week many parents in the United States had to say goodbye to their children as they headed to college. That little child that now has grown up, is now ready to start a new stage in his or her life. For the parents it is a sad moment, but it is certainly a necessary stage in the life of the son or daughter. This stage in their lives will help them grow and will give them the tools to be productive in their lives. For all the above reasons is good for the son or daughter to leave for a little while, it is sad for the parents, but it is a necessary step in their growth.


In the more than twenty years that we have been at Beltline there have been more than five hundred conversions. Those baptisms are the result of the thousands of contacts that we had made year after year. We contact people when we translate at the doctor’s office, at the courthouse, at school and at any other place where we are needed. We also fill out papers for work, fill out papers for citizenship, we provide transportation. We also help people with groceries, with benevolence. We also teach English to all those who need to learn the language. We are always looking for opportunities to serve in the community. When we serve the people, doors are being open to preach the gospel and by doing that many people have obeyed the gospel.


When a person is baptized our process of maturing that person starts. We have classes and materials to help them grow spiritually. One of the main reasons for the training of those converts is because many of those people who have been converted will move away. When those people who have been converted move away, they carry the gospel with them. They will carry the gospel to another state of in the country of origin where they came from. No matter where they will end up the gospel will be carried far away from Alabama.


When a person is contacted, and the person obeys the gospel, and the person gets the training they need; all this process gets you close to that person. You get to know the person like a child. It reminds me of the times when Paul call Timothy a son “to Timothy my true son in the faith…” (1 Timothy 1:2). When a person is baptized, one has witnessed the child being born spiritually and then that child will grow in knowledge and then it comes the time. The time comes when that baby that was born needs to be sent into the world.


For the last two months about ten of our members have been going to preach in LaVergne TN; every Sunday. The elders in LaVergne came to Beltline and requested our help. The church in Laverne is now growing and our members who travel the two hours trip are being encouraged by being helpful. We miss our brothers and sisters that travel every Sunday. We don’t have them with us any longer every Sunday, but it was necessary for them to go and put into practice what they have learned. This is the whole reason why we contact them, baptize them, and send them. This is part of the great commission “to go and make disciples”. Families who were baptized at Beltline are now worshipping and helping in congregations in Madison, Mayfair, Tanner, Collinsville and in different states and places beyond our borders.


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