Unexpected Pandemic Friends

Unexpected Pandemic Friends

As it was the case with most of the churches, we were also in a way forced to worship online because of the corona virus. We used to upload our audio sermons on audio only and power point. The next step was to upload our worship and sermons on video. We had an unexpected result. We had many hundreds of views and the following weeks we had hundreds of friendship requests from friends of our friends. Our Hispanic members were more eager to share on social media the lessons and their relatives and friends who were in their circle were able to watch our posts.Before the pandemic, the number of friends we had was about three hundred and fifty. After the pandemic, the number of friends had reached about five thousand. Having thousands of new friends from many nationalities in social media meant that they had questions and those questions needed to be answered. Year after year and decade after decade I am still amazed on how something that seems negative can be turn into something positive. I had no idea the pandemic was coming, and I had no idea we were going to have a whole new video ministry, but one thing, I was sure. The name of God was going to be glorified no matter what and more people will come to the knowledge of the truth.

Some of the new results I can mention due to the pandemic are:

NEW PEOPLE HAVE BEEN REACHED. When a person who is not a member of the church watches the video and start asking questions, the result usually is that we refer that person to a local congregation so that person can be visited. I contact the closest congregation in that country and city where that person is located. I have been informed of many conversions by this can of referrals.

CONGREGATIONS IN REMOTE PLACES. Congregations in remote places have been watching our lessons in remote areas. Since the places of worship were also closed in countries in Latin America, members of the church have been using our lessons. It has been a great experience to get know members of the church in many locations around the world.

MEMBERS IN UNEXPECTED PLACES. I received a private message of a lady who lives in an Arab country. She tells me that they are using our lessons to worship God. They are members of the church and they worship in groups of fifteen in different houses, so they will not be found out. In her case, this lady said that she was from Argentina and she was a member of the church. She emigrated to Spain and there she married to a person from Spain. Her husband found a great paying job in an Arab country and they moved there. While living in that Arab country, she found more Spanish speaking people who are there because of the good paying jobs. She has group of fifteen people worship in a private room every Sunday and they follow our worship in Spanish.

There may be many more events in the future that we can not control like the corona virus, but the great thing is that we know who is in control. God is in control. In the middle of something that seems bad in our lives, God still can be glorified. Let us look for ways to give God the glory even in the middle of our difficulties.

“But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.” (Psalm 59:16)


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