The Meaning of the Resurrection

The Meaning of the Resurrection

The resurrection of Christ from the tomb spotlights, like a laser beam, several important truths that demand recognition and attention. The resurrection is the focal point of the gospel and Christianity. Anyone could appear on the scene and claim to be “the Christ.” Anyone could identify himself as “the Son of God.” Anyone facing death could say he will come back from the grave. Anyone could make these claims. But Christ really did rise from the dead and come forth from the tomb, alive.

Anyone can say, teach or claim anything. They can skillfully cover themselves from being exposed as a fake by not being direct or specific in their claims. They can be ambiguous enough in what they say to leave themselves wiggle room, the ability to deny virtually any charge made against them. But Christ openly foretold not only His death but the manner in which He would die and the clear promise that He would arise from the dead. Only God has the power to raise the dead. Christ’s resurrection demonstrates God’s power behind Him, and it clarifies the truth on other matters.

First, Christ is He Whom He claimed to be. He is the Son of God, your Savior and Lord. You have no other Savior. You have no other way to eternal salvation, except through Christ.The power of God, seen through the resurrection, corroborates Christ’s identity as your Savior.

Second, the gospel message of salvation that He proclaimed is true. All of His teachings are to be believed and obeyed.His doctrine must be followed if you want to spend eternity with your Heavenly Father. The resurrection affirms the truthfulness of Christ’s teachings.

Third, His going to the cross to bear the guilt of your sins was, and still is, effective for your forgiveness. You can have confidence that God will count the blood that Christ shed on the cross to have paid the price for your sins. You can be assured that when you come to Christ, in the way His gospel instructs, you will be forgiven.The resurrection assures it.

Fourth, Christ is coming again. When He returns, it will be to call all mankind, including yourself, to account for the way you have lived your life. You must appear before Christ as your eternal Judge. Your obedience to His teachings, or lack thereof, will be a basis on which you will be judged. The resurrection declares it.

Finally, you need to get your life in order, spiritually. You can only do that by coming to Christ in repentance and obedience, surrendering to Him in baptism for the remission of your sins, a blessing He paid for with His life on the cross, and begin a new life of faithful service to Him. You can be certain of the wisdom of this course of action,because of the resurrection…

~ Adapted from: Gary L. Hutchens


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