The Dangers of Being Edgy

The Dangers of Being Edgy

Several years ago Michael Hyatt posted a blog titled “How much business is your profanity costing you?” In the blog Hyatt explains that many are using offensive language because it creates an edge.

It seems this attempt to be edgy may answer the age-old “Why?’ that is often asked. Why do people dress provocatively? To be more edgy. Why do people use unacceptable language and tell inappropriate stories and jokes? To be more edgy. Why do people actively support and endorse immorality even though they don’t participate in it? To be more edgy. Why do parents allow their children to do things they know are dangerous temptations? So they and their children can be more edgy.

Being edgy is just an “edgy” way of talking about peer pressure. Every person in our culture is being constantly pressured to “fit in” by being on the edge. The feeling by most people is that you have to choices: be on the edge or be Amish. Perhaps we don’t verbalize the choice we face that exact way—but it is the best way to describe the mindset.

What’s wrong with being edgy? If being edgy doesn’t violate God’s commands and weaken your influence, absolutely nothing. The problem is that in our culture “edgy” is generally accommodated by immorality: immodesty, promiscuity, inappropriate language, etc. The edginess of our society generally provides a conflict and contradiction for the Christian.

Paul said we shouldn’t conform to the world (Romans 12:2). It is important to avoid the temptation and pressure to fit in. In contrast, Christians are told to conform to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29). We don’t need to be edgy—we need to be Christ-like!

Christians listen! We have been called to be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” (Matthew 5:13–16). Understand what that means… It means we don’t conform. It means we maintain our morality despite what those around us may be doing. It means we promote the Gospel through our words and our conduct. It means we do all of this while still being interesting.

Hyatt’s most memorable statement from the article is, “If you can’t be interesting without profanity, the let’s face it: you’re not that interesting.” Let that sink in for a moment. We can be interesting without compromising our convictions. It is important for us to know that we can dress in ways that are trendy without being immodest. It is important for our children to know they can be without having to participate in immorality. It is important to know we can climb the corporate ladder without having to use questionable ethics or “edgy” language. We can be successful in life while still being disciples of Christ.

Remember who you are! You wear the name of Christ and you reflect His glory. Don’t let the pressure to be edgy cause you to lose your saltiness! Don’t let it dim your light!

~Via Terry Francis


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