The Kind of Father We Should Be

The Kind of Father We Should Be

There is a great need in our day for fathers to live up to their God-given tasks. One of the reasons that the church is as weak as it is in many places is because fathers are not fulfilling their spiritual duties. One of the reasons that so many of the youth of our day are involved in drugs, premarital sex, gangs activity, and a host of other sinful things is because fathers are not fulfilling their responsibilities. It is time that we as fathers and grandfathers realize the awesome responsibility we have in molding our children’s spiritual lives. It is time that fathers do more with their children than just play ball with them. It is time for fathers to act like spiritual giants in the family.

We do not need fathers today who will pitch their tents toward Sodom as did ancient Lot. When time came for the separation of Abraham and Lot, he clearly made a choice towards materialism. This turned out to be a disastrous choice! Sodom was not a prosperous place for the raising of a family. If righteous Lot was tormented day by day by the wickedness surrounding him, just think about the effect this would have on his family. Fathers, are we making choices with our families spiritual well being in mind? All too often we are making poor choices that hurt our families, think about it and pray for God’s help Dad’s!

We do not need fathers today who will not restrain their children like the Eli of old. Fathers who are too permissive are the greatest enemy of a child. Ours is a permissive age, and our society becomes more and more permissive with each passing day. It was said of Eli that his children were so wicked because he restrain them not. I cringe hearing those words with my name substituted for Eli’s, I simply cannot bear the thought of my children being synonymous with wickedness, and yet all one has to do is look at the statistics of fatherless children or children with fathers who are absent in their lives. These children never seem to have a chance. Many boys and girls grow up and never see daddy set out a boundary line for their actions. They never hear daddy say no to their demands, or have a daddy that loves them enough to guide and discipline them. Children’s role models today are celebrities and sports athletes and they are terrible at it. Dad’s, it’s up to us to be involved in our children’s lives, lets man up and be the role model they need.

We need fathers today who will emulate Enoch, who was a father who walked with God, a man of great faith, and a man who was not afraid to speak out against ungodly speech and conduct. Are we as fathers leaving this kind of example for our children?

We need fathers today who will emulate Noah, who was a great father. He was concerned about the saving of his children and he taught them. He was called a preacher of righteousness and he walked with God leaving his children a great example to follow. Are we as fathers teaching our children as Noah did so long ago?

We need fathers today who will emulate Abraham. If Abraham would have failed as a father it is doubtful that he would have had the title “father of all them that believe” (Romans 4:11) We need fathers today who will emulate Joshua. Joshua trusted in God when others would not (spies … promise land) … what a great example to leave his children! Joshua didn’t care what other fathers were doing – he and his family were going to serve the Lord! How about it dad’s? Are we setting the example and showing our children to trust in the Lord? Have you determined that you and your family will serve the Lord?

We need fathers today who will emulate Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist. As fathers it would be high praise if the qualities said of Zachariah in Luke 1:5-6, were said of us. These are high commendations for a man. It is worth noting here that he acquired these qualities before he became a father, and he choose a wife with the same qualities! What this says to us men is that godly preparation for fatherhood is imperative. Men need to excel in the keeping of biblical commands if they are going to succeed as fathers:

Today is Fathers’ Day, a day that we remember and give respect unto our fathers – a day that we say thank you, but let us also use this day to evaluate our fatherhood. Are we being the kind of fathers that will be of spiritual benefit to our children? Are we being the kind of fathers that are pleasing unto God? Dad’s, let us work harder in our obligations as the father of our children.

~Via Tyngsboro Church of Christ


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