The Foreman and His Twelve Men

The Foreman and His Twelve Men


One of our most faithful members in our Hispanic congregation is a man who oversees a crew of workers. This man has worked for many years in North Alabama, and he constantly has new workers under his supervision. This man and his family are a great example of faithfulness to God, they live about one hour from Decatur, but always manage to arrive on time for Bible class and worship. Whenever something is needed of him, he is always ready to help and do more than what is asked of him. For the last year or so, this man has been bringing to church on Sundays twelve of his workers; these men also live about an hour from Decatur and arrive with him every Sunday to Bible class and worship. These men are not members of the church. These men have a different background and most of them never have own a Bible. When they come to church every Sunday, they are polite and pay attention to each lesson.


These men are in Decatur for a short time. The reason why I mention only men is because their wives and children are in Mexico in a remote village near the Gulf of Mexico; they are here by themselves. Each one of them have different plans when they return. Here are some examples of what some of them plan: “to buy eight cows when he goes back; he has only two and wishes to own ten”. Another: “promised his wife to build her a kitchen; right now she cooks outside, and her stove is made of stones and sticks” Another one: “to pay for treatment for a son who is very ill”. Each one has a plan, and they are working very hard to achieve that plan by working hard and living together to save money.


This member of the church who has been bringing these twelve men understands that this is a door that God has opened. This is an opportunity to teach them the gospel so they can carry the gospel with them when they go back to their village. Our members have been very kind and welcoming to these twelve men. Our members want to show them what it means to have a spiritual family that cares for them and wants the best for them. We probably never will set foot physically in their village, but they will. They know their own people and they can teach them the gospel as it has been taught to them.


This is not the first time that this situation has happened. For the last twenty-five years with the help of God we have been able to convert hundreds of people. These people are now preaching inside the United States and in many other countries. They are worshipping God in places that I have never been. Every person we meet is a potential missionary to their own people. That is why as soon as we convert them, we start the process of training them in the Word of God. Only God knows where they will end up, but we make sure they will carry the gospel with them. I am thankful for the Beltline congregation for allowing us to worship in their building and for loving us. This is what our brothers and sisters and have learned and they are doing the same with those they come in contact with.


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