Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Last week I was approached by a couple who wanted me to help them do their will. I was able to set up an appointment for them with a lawyer and I translated the documents and the visit with the lawyer. The couple got all the information in the first visit and in the second visit was the day to sign all the documents. The will was read so they could verify if all the documents were correct and after verifying that all the documents were correct, they signed them. The couple was happy, and the husband expressed a phrase to me, he said “now I will have peace of mind when I travel, I know that if something may happen to me; I know that I have things in order”.

As it is customary, I do not charge for any of the translations I do in town, but what I seek is for that person to give me an opportunity to share the gospel with them. This is exactly what happened with this couple, I was able to share with them the “really peace of mind” that only God can give. I just hope and pray that this couple will understand that, yes, it is important to plan and be ready for the future on this earth; but it is more important to be ready for the coming judgement of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some of the things shared with them were: That the whole essence of Christ’s earthly mission was simple and clear. Jesus said that there are only two ways. One leads to life eternal in heaven and the other to spiritual death and agony for eternity. Jesus refers to the narrow road being the way to eternal life. The narrow way speaks to those who choose to follow Jesus and obey the Father’s will. The narrow way is the way to salvation. There is no other way to the Father except through Jesus. There is no other way to heaven. There is no other way to peace with God and the cleansing blood of Christ.

The narrow way is not narrow for those who love the Lord. It is a narrow way only in contrast to those who prefer to do life their way instead of God’s way. Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…” (Matthew 6:33). What are you seeking first in your life? Have you chosen to follow the road that leads to life by becoming a believer, confessing your faith in Jesus as God’s Son, and by being immersed into Christ in the waters of baptism? This is the only way we can have the assurance of heaven’s salvation under the New Covenant of God. This is the true peace of mind that we all can have.

I thank God for the open doors to preach the gospel in our community and pray that more will continue to open so people will know Christ and obey him.


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