My Prayer this Week…

My Prayer this Week…

Holy God, in Jesus name, I come into your presence.  I am still amazed that you invite me to talk with you, but I am so thankful.  You are everything and I am nothing, but you treat me as your special treasure and call me your own!  

Lord, you are fully aware of what is going on in the world you created.  I know that you are not caught off guard by this pandemic.  There is so much I don’t know…why this virus, why now, when will it end; but I trust you with all my heart and because of that I don’t have to know all the answers.  I am not going to pretend like I know better than you on how this should all go.  I surrender to your will and pray that it is done here on earth as it is in heaven.  

God this is a special week.  This is the week all across the world when people pause to recognize your Son and the empty tomb.  I am praying that you are going to draw a whole new harvest of people to your Son during these trying times we are living in.  I pray that those who might never step foot in your church are going to be compelled by your Spirit to watch a service on-line, open up their Bible, and take even the slightest step toward you.  When they do, oh God help us to be ready to love them into a deeper relationship with you.  Give us eyes to see, in Jesus name, give us eyes to see!!

You God, are good at taking situations that look hopeless and dead and then breathing new life into those situations.  I pray for resurrection this week, Lord.  Resurrected hearts.  Resurrected lives the burn for you and your Son.  

I pray for resurrected relationships.  Marriages are crumbling all around us, God, resurrect love, resurrect commitment, resurrect hope in those relationships.  I pray for resurrection.  

I pray for resurrected resilience in the lives of your children that walk this earth.  God don’t let us turn away or turn back from following you.  You have the words of life.  You are the Word of life.  

I pray for a resurrected church!!  Lord, like never before you have placed opportunities for your church to be your hands and feet to a desperate world.  God, in Jesus name, don’t let us drop this one.  Resurrect a desire in your church to love ALL people the way you love people.  Resurrect a hunger for your word, resurrect a hunger for your presence in all of us.  

In this time of isolation and loneliness, resurrect fellowship.  In this time of questions, resurrect answers that point to YOU.  In this time of doubt, resurrect faith.  In this time of sickness, resurrect healing.  

In Jesus name, the name above every name, the name at which every knee will one day bow and every tongue will one day confess, may it be so!!





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