What a Blessing

What a Blessing

I learned a lot of Spanish phrases this week during the trip Trae, and I made with Justo to Merida, Mexico. Mucho Gusto (Nice to meet you), dios te bendiga (God Bless You), and el cazador (the Hunter) that was the nickname the brothers gave Trae. His Elk was a great hit with all our extended Christian family in Mexico. Feel free to start calling him that, I think he really likes it! I learned much about language and culture but that is not what stood out most. What stood out most was the hunger and thirsting for righteousness and the word of God that I witnessed in our brothers and sisters in Mexico. I saw what true community looks like, and I was humbled by the joy and laughter of these brothers and sisters who have so much less than I do. They wanted to learn from us, but I kept thinking how I can take what I have learned here back to Decatur. My cup has been filled and is overflowing. Please pray for our sweet brothers and sisters here and if you ever get an opportunity to come and see this beautiful place and people firsthand…take it!

All of us minsters were talking about our experiences and the desires we have to be able to communicate better. I began wishing that the Holy Spirit would give me what he gave those apostles in Acts 2 who were able to tell the word of God in different languages instantly. That outpouring hasn’t come…yet. My thoughts went back to the time before the tower of Babel; a time when everyone spoke one language And my mind raced to a time when all that went wrong at Babel will be reversed and all of our brothers and sisters around the world will be able to perfectly communicate again. What a day that will be!!!

Yet, here is one of many things I discovered on my trip. In spite of our language barrier, I have more in common with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Mexico than I do with anyone who is NOT a follower of Jesus. We may live in different parts of North America, we may have different cultures, and eat different foods (sadly my two traveling companions felt the effects of that more than I did), and we may have different financial situations, but I have more in common with them because of Jesus than I do with someone who doesn’t have Jesus. I hope you believe that, because it is true.

Because of Jesus we have a common faith, a common love, a common devotion, a common family, a common hunger for others to have what we have, a common Father, a common Brother (Jesus), a common Holy Spirit, a common hope, and most of all we share a common eternal destination, and that is just the beginning of what we have because of Jesus. One day, all our differences will be removed and all we have in common will shine in all its glory and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever! Come Lord Jesus!


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